Thursday, September 12, 2013

Looking ahead...

Be sure to be following the reading schedule!

I updated the Homework schedule.

Next week we will finish reading Beowulf.

Monday: Reading quiz. Hint: Be sure you know who's who.
Quizzes are necessary evils - that keep you honest and reward you for reading closely.

Thursday: Boasts are DUE. See below.

Friday: Reading Quiz on end of Beowulf.

We will discuss all of this soon!

VI Form British Literature
Due Thursday, September 19, 2013

Beowulf” Boast assignment

You will create a Boast similar to the one written about Beowulf.


1.    Think of something you are good at or simply enjoy.

·      Sport
·      Baby sitting
·      Dancing
·      Driving
·      Singing
·      Collecting certain objects
·      Acting
·      Gamer (Playstation, X box, etc)
·      Eating
·      Traveling
·      Shopping

2.    Write a poem bragging about your skills in this area (15-20 lines)

3.    Number the lines in increments of 5

4.    Include the following literary devices and label each literary device at the end of the sentence in which it appears.


5.    Include a line about your parentage.
Son of an avid golfer
Descendant from a legendary singer
Derived from …
Daughter of…

Boasts must be typed!

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