Wednesday, November 20, 2013

HWK: For Thursday.... and Friday.

Watch Act III Scene II - Scene IIII:

From 1:26 through to the end at 1:41:08

What did you find most interesting in the Mousetrap Scene?
And finish Act III Scene III - through minute 25:

(Please follow along in your book - page 100 in our edition of the text.)

Why doesn't Hamlet kill King Claudius after the play?
What did you find most interesting in the scene with Hamlet and his mother?
Consider the Oedipal complex in analyzing this scene.


 Please read this biography at

ALSO: Answer the following questions - print out or handwrite the answers - BY THIS FRIDAY.

1. When and where was Shakespeare born?

2. What was the name of Shakespeare's son?

3. What plays were performed at the Globe?

4. When and where did Shakespeare die?

5. What was Shakespeare's first collection of plays called?

6. Why is Shakespeare's time consider dubbed an "Expansive Age"?

7. What were some of the famous "stories" about Shakespeare?

8. What is the debate about authorship?

9. What Shakespeare FAQs did you find most interesting?

Feel free to explore the site more.

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