Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hamlet Abridged!

Groups have been assigned!

Hamlet.2013: Adapted and Abridged Project

DUE: Monday, December 16th - movies/performances will be screened/performed!

The most meaningful part may be more in the process than the final product.
Everyone in your group must contribute to the conversation.

What is essential to tell the story of Hamlet?
How do you honor the language of Shakespeare?
What lines resonate so deeply that they must be included - unchanged and uncut?
How do you make it your own in a novel way?

(It will be here before we know it - so don't procrastinate and/or wait until the last minute).
Again - 50% must be from the original text.
(You will submit a final shooting script Shakespeare highlighted)

Please share your Google docs with me - I will snoop and see "track changes" to ensure not one or two students are editing the script (and doing all the work. The success of


You will have the remainder of this week to edit, write, and rehearse/shoot your script.

Next week, you will have additional time in class to work with your groups...

However, we will discuss the process of selecting essential lines and read closely, preparing for a test on Thursday, December 12.

DYK: Guess how many Hamlet movies have been made since 1900? Click here for answer.

The Hamlet Test - next Thursday, December 12th:

Part I. 10 Quote Identifications: Character and audience.

Part II. Passage analysis: Select 3 or 5 longer quotes which you will have to paraphrase and explain the significance.

Part III. "Words, Words, Words" Essay: Select 3 significant words from Hamlet  - explain their connection (and their significance).

DYK: Guess how many common words Shakespeare invented by "changing nouns into verbs, changing verbs into adjectives, connecting words never before used together, adding prefixes and suffixes, and devising words wholly original"? Click for Answer - and a list of words.

Bring OED print out of your words and an outline with quotes and thesis. (Click Hyperlinks)

And sorry I missed this...

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