Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Down the Rabbit Hole Research Project: Jane Eyre

1. Watch Daniel Pink's Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Pay special attention at minute 6...

Daniel Pink's full TED Talk

 2. Today's a day to learn independently through internet research: Autonomy, Engagement, Self Direction, Discovery, Publish.

For the next 40 minutes, you can research and explore whatever you want as long it is relevant or related to Jane Eyre.

Consider a footnote or a point of interest regarding Bronte's Biography, Victorian England, or whatever you want to explore. See below for a list of research suggestions.

3. Did I mention everyone gets an A? That is - if everyone shares their learning - post links, embed videos, images, songs, etc. Be sure to include commentary as to why it's relevant to Jane Eyre.
Post to:  http://formvistudentshowcase.blogspot.com

But everyone must do so. Positive Peer Pressure.

Show us what you learned. #Crowdsource Research

4. Lastly, just for fun add a song that you think would be perfect for a contemporary film remake of JANE EYRE. In a couple sentences, explain why it would make the soundtrack - be specific regarding the scene and point of view.

I can see eyes rolling from here - make it fun. Share your intellectual curiosity. Surprise us.
Enlighten us, please.

Here are some suggestions:

1.              How is Charlotte Bronte’s life story reflected in the novel?

2.              In Chapter 1 (page 8 of the Signet Classic edition), Jane mentions the novelPamela.  How does the story of that novel relate to this one?

3.              She also mentions Bewick’s British Birds, in Chapter 1 and on page 231.  Research that book, and explain how it connects to Jane Eyre

4.              In Chapter 3 (page 20), Jane mentions reading Gulliver’s Travels.  What is that story about, and what are Jane’s thoughts about it?  (It’s mentioned again on page 231.)

5.              Jane is also fascinated with tales from the Arabian Nights .  Research the tales, and explain Jane’s fascination. (She is reminded of her childhood fascination on page 231.)

6.              Page 25 mentions Guy Fawkes.  Why would Abbot think of Jane as a “miniature Guy Fawkes”?

7.              On page 49, Helen Burns is reading Rasselas, a work by Samuel Johnson.  What is it about, and how does it relate to Jane Eyre?

8.              What was the state of the British educational system in the 1840’s, or Victorian England?  Who went to school?  Where did the poor or orphans, go?

9.              What is typhus?  How serious is/was it?  Is it still a concern in the modern world?

10.           Research the career of “governess” in Victorian England.  What were the expectations?  The benefits?  Necessary training? 

11.           When Jane first meets Mr. Rochester in the fog, she assumes he and his dog Pilot are a Gytrash.  Research this term.  How does it relate to a novel with Gothic themes such as Jane Eyre?

12.           The novel makes reference to the study of phrenology, or the way the relative sizes of parts of the human skull affect personality.  Research phrenology, and discuss the novel’s references to it.  (See page 253 for one example.)

13.           In addition to phrenology and the Gytrash, the novel mentions other dabblings into mysticism such as fortune telling, presentiments, and mesmerism.  What was the reaction of Bronte’s contemporaries to the inclusion of these topics in her novel?

A few thoughts on "curation"...

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