Friday, October 4, 2013

TGIF 10.4.13

Thanks for sharing your thoughts today on

Check this out:

REVIEW DUE MONDAY: 3 - 4 pages
For Monday, you must bring a paper copy - stapled - and a digital copy to post to the Showcase blog.

Today we will do the following...buckle up.

1. First 12 minutes: Watch RSA video by Sir Ken Robinson and respond in real time using your respective "Room" in

A. Sign in: your first name AND first initial.

B. Everyone must make at least three posts - comments, questions, thoughts, quotes, epiphanies etc.

On-line conversation about the video between students is the goal.

We will talk more about this on Monday.
Do not spam on

3. Finally for the rest of class,  work on your review - due Monday.

On Monday, in class we will post reviews to the Student Showcase plus

Post your favorite Seamus Heaney poem - text and video - to Student Showase.

You will learn how to embed HTML and create hyperlinks - it's easier than you can imagine.

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