Monday, April 7, 2014

If you missed class Friday, you missed a good one...

In-Class: Writing Exercise - Pathetic Fallacy

PART I: Write for 5-7 minutes

Imagine a house at the end of a long treelined driveway. You have just been dropped of to see a special someone - perhaps, a significant other. You have traveled a great distance and it's been a long time since you last saw this person. Again, imagine means use your imagination: this person can be fictional.

Describe the weather and the nature that surrounds you. Use your senses.

            G = gustatory (taste)
            O = organic (internal sensation)
A = auditory (sound)
            T = tactile (touch)       
V = visual
            O = olfactory (smell)
            K = kinesthetic (movement)

Create a narrative. Be conscious of the tone, mood, and atmosphere.

Feel free to write prose or verse. Consider this a brainstorming, pre-writing exercise to one of your possible future poems.

PART II: Write for another 5-7 minutes; however, this time, your significant other no longer wishes to see you - and never see you again. Why? That's your story.

Again, focus on the weather and nature as you take the same walk from the front door to the end of the drive. What do you notice now? Connect your feelings, thoughts, and emotions to your surroundings. How do you see your environment differently?

Notice how the tone, mood, and atmosphere changes.

Great Resource: Literary Devices - Definition and Examples of Literary Terms


1. Search YouTube and post to the class blog a contemporary spoken word poet.

2. Hold on to your written response to the WSJ Op-Ed article, "The Poetic Justice of April 1"
In the future, you will have to write a long Ars Poetica

3. Some of you still need to post your poem to the class blog. 

Do not post a poet from Louder Than a Bomb. 

If you missed class Monday, you may want to watch: 

We will watch this documentary in class this week.

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