Thursday, April 24, 2014



Friday - Read to page 62.

For Monday - Finish the book - page 72.

Review Heart of Darkness on Monday.

In-Class Write on Tuesday - I will have a couple passages with questions.

Wednesday - ARS POETICA - a long poem about poetry.

This month/this year/ this life, what have you learned about poetry?

Does poetry matter? 

Thursday/Friday Exam Review


1.   Beowulf
2.   The Canterbury Tales
3.   Hamlet
4.   Jane Eyre
5.   Heart of Darkness (flex text)

Exam Format:
1.   identification of literary terms and historical facts (both fall and spring texts)
2.   passage analysis (spring texts only)
3.   synthesis essay on the course reading (includes fall text)
4.   analytical essay on an unseen short piece of writing (spring flex texts only)

Study Suggestions:
q  Begin reviewing early. Spread out your reviewing between now and the exam. Do a little bit of reviewing each day. Do not leave review work until the day before the exam.
q  Review literary terms list. Make sure you can apply the terms to and explain how they work in the literature
q  Review any historical information relevant to the texts
q  Go back over tests - and past posts to
q  Go through all texts. Re-read and think about significant passages 
(i.e., the ones you supposedly marked).
q  Try outlining or writing a practice essay or two. Pose a question to yourself about character or theme development in one of our texts. 

FYI: Helpful vocabulary to review...

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